Chen Li's art projects are a group of site-specific works designed for a museum or a contemporary art space.

Exhibition places: Archivio storico Olivetti, Ivrea, 2008; Triennale Bovisa museum, Milano, 2009

The body without the body: series of works where the body is represented by its absence
Superb is the Night:nightgown installation with written words in rilief
Women– installation of 20 sculpture in plaster, where “Planning” has a feminine point of view in form and values

Self-portraits: self-portraits of Chen Li's face; our face communicates in the same way of calligraphic words: through the human body 


Lightness - 轻

Leit-Motiv of artistic research by Chen Li is the lightness in both form and content. The materials and techniques need spiritual elevation of the works and also lighten the message to the essence, where meaning and significance become one. Sometimes this means to quit the medium: Profile, light self-portraits, Albatross, wing paper and wire mesh, paper; Women, small sculptures in papier mache, happiness, where the matter is the word itself, without supports. Stracciafoglio, where the black words float in a transparent form. Drops, plexiglas sculptures where the light is the absolute protagonist.

Exhibition places: En Plein Air, Baudenasca 2012, WAD Foundation, Delft (Netherlands) 2012; Paper Museum, 2013 Schio (Vicenza); Isola di San Rocco al ponte delle Ripe, Mondovì (CN), 2012; Terme di Torino, Torino 2013 


Arte plurale

work with people with disabilities and in the community enables you to work relationally in a group. The works are collective works and every cell brings experience and energy and personality, and the final work is an original body that sum of energies and source of new ideas and visions.

Places: La Promotrice delle belle arti, Torino, Fondazione Diamante, Lugano (CH)



The art symposium is an élite that is a small contemporary society. Through the international art symposia meeting of the artists creates an alternative way of understanding art, free and hedonistic, where the work is inspired by living together and by individual work in limited and defined spaces. The dynamics of the group act as a driving force for creative elements, artistic, political and social synergies. Pros and cons of each one come out in moments of relaxation and freedom.

Places: the symposium consists of a short residence and exhibition in the host country; Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Romania, USA (2003-2016) 


Roots - radici

Exhibition and artist book with Moona Metsoila and Guylen Béland-Tessier, curated by Chen Li. The roots are involved in the works of art at a subconscious level. Rediscover the roots and make them live in each compositional element becomes an exercise of self-depth analysis.

Place: Mausoleo de La bella Rosin, Torino 2015 


Serie No. One

The dance of signs, 1994-2016

The dance of the signs: calligraphy and reinvented historical styles using materials, forms and contemporary views


Serie No. Two

Poetry: artists books, 1997-2016

Poetry: artists books (poetry and the book as both starting and end point) 


Serie No. Three

Happiness, 2010-2016

art as a medium and not as an end.
This is the most numerous series and is divided into two different areas:
works from 2010 to 2013 were made to be in contemporary art museums vision, testing of materials and shapes, and a range from 2014 to date, more pop, using paper and dedicated to street art, graphics, laser, for a “domestic use”.


Serie No. Four

Stracciafoglio, 2011

in plexiglas (poetry, scupltures, spheres)


Serie No. Five

Michette, 2012

Wire mesh (lightness and heaviness, male material in a female form)


Serie No. Six

Body & Fashion

tattoos and body censorship, reconstruction, plastic surgery, iconoclasm. Fashion as an art to be worn (pop art) and social representation, status symbol, food for thought for the pursuit of beauty and eternal life. 


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