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Calligraphy is the starting point to look at the world with new eyes, looking for new ways melting styles, philosophies, culture, food, art and experience in a personal way.

The dance of signs - 书法 - 字舞

All about calligraphy

Since 1995 I work as a professional calligrapher for private people, advertising and communications agencies, for schools as a calligraphic teacher and as an artist.
We can use calligraphy in many ways, but every time it's a new project, born thanks to help and passion of good clients.


Logotypes and lettering 标志

Logotypes and lettering 标志

Since 1995 I worked as a graphic designer and I am happy that I was asked mostly for logotypes and trademarks, for me the best job in the world. In a little sign you can find the history of a product, of a brand or of a group of people. Sometimes there are generations of people behind a company and a logo. Understanding, interpreting and represent those values il like an amazing travel.

- custom handmade calligraphic logotypes
- written letters for advertising
- lettering & Co.


Calligraphy for Gala & Wedding events 婚礼和盛会

Gala / Wedding 婚礼和盛会

Custom top calligraphic and graphic services
Custom graphic design for your wedding invitations from ideas to paper. \ Quick service at a high level professional quality. Contact me even if you live far from Turin.

Your event will be perfectly designed on you, from writing style, to any little card that can be written by hand directly. Or printed in a very high quality level. As you like.  


Calligraphic workshops - 2017

Sign - Traces - Writings, Italy, Milano, Fondazione Prada

by Chen Li, artist and calligrapher born in China. 

“[…] But it is not a relaxed serenity that the calligrapher has to achieve; Rather a serenity full of energy. It is the complete union of physical and mental energy.” 
From “The fourth treasures” by Todd Shimoda 

PAST WORKSHOPS ARCHIVE - under construction

Italic, Italy, Torino, 2017, January 21-22

workshop for beginners, it's about the Round letters of Italic cultural heritage. We will learn the main historical forms for teaching it to students of primary schools.                         

Pointed brush, 2017 February

for illustrators and graphic designers, who knows how to use pointed brushes. Custom actual fresh lettering Scuola internazionale di Comix, Torino

Alfabetonatura 2010

calligraphy and ceramic, Torino - by Chen Li and Maria Teresa Frizzarin

Alfabetonatura 2011

calligraphy and ceramic, Torino - by Chen Li and Maria Teresa Frizzarin

Pointed brush, Lugano (CH) 2013

Lugano - I was asked to teach expressive calligraphy at the group of calligraphers based in Lugano.

Calligraphy and sign at Museo Mazzetti - Asti

sign and writing for primary school students in Asti, Italy

Alfabetonatura 2012

calligraphy and ceramic, Torino - by Chen Li and Maria Teresa Frizzarin

Alfabetonatura 2015

calligraphy and ceramic, Torino - by Chen Li and Maria Teresa Frizzarin

calligrafia a Venezia luglio 2016

calligrafia a Venezia luglio 2016


Venice, Italy - 2016 JULY 8-10  
WHEN: 2016 JULY 8-10 WHERE: VENICE, ARTIsm3160 a San Marco 3160, Venezia INFO: Does calligraphy have a role in contemporary graphic design? - History and evolution of scripts, calligraphy, lettering and the main calligraphic scripts. - Let's write using historical scripts and modern tools. - My work with calligraphy. - Calligraphy+image: project of a book of art or a travel book. - Introduction to logo design. HOW LONG IS THE WORKSHOP: 2 days and half. HOURS: Friday 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2p-m- to 6 p.m. This workshop is calligraphy and image based. Artists and calligraphers are welcome You must register by 30 June with a deposit of 80.00 € and request a reservation for accommodation EXHIBITION: "Quaderni di viaggio / Travel books" - Chen Li will exhibit latest artworks and books of art in the space ARTIsm3160 in San Marco during the workshop and until September 4th You may book an accomodation on a boat at Giudecca in Venice near the San Marco 3160, and if you have time you can visit Venice and the Venice Biennale with many contemporary art events

Rediscovering Uncial

WHEN: 2016 April 2-3 WHERE: TURIN, CORTILE DEL MAGLIO, VIA ANDREIS 18 INT. 18/E INFO: Uncial is an interesting simple style for beginners. Dated 3rd-8th century A.D. its rounded form can be very ancient and satisfying, but if you are curious, you can try the new ways to make it contemporary using unusual tools.

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