Installation / sculpture Women


The installation consists of 15 papier-mache elements depicting a woman’s shoes with the heel leaning on a pedestal as to suggest a path.
The red base is made of paper envelopes: it’s our ideal nest. The work was especially designed for the Archivio Storico Olivetti in order to make the white elements stand out once positioned, and to adapt to any gradient or area. The choice of the shoes was made to symbolize the planning process viewed as a path where the key words assume a necessary importance.
Each element has an inscription, a word which represents a value, a step of the project:
Lightness, quickness, accuracy, visibility, multiplicity, (Italo Calvino’s American lessons) and some other words from chinese martial art called 武术: wisdom 智,body 体, beauty 美 , bravery 勇, moral values 德, culture 文, friendship 友, harmony 团结, and two other important concepts: relationships 关系 and happiness 福。

Each word has its own weight, which the artist decided to lighten with the woman’s shoe element, first because it symbolizes human presence and second as a representation of popular contemporary culture and of the woman. A woman that is different each time, as the elements that are always diverse and to be approached differently. The artist chose to look at the project from a woman’s point of view, with delicacy and irony, keeping an eye on fashion.
Paper is the perfect medium for an homage to a great masters of Italian literature: Italo Calvino and his love for lightness. Western values are focused on the object, and eastern ones are based on the subject: both them two are indispensable and complementary for a perfect approaching.

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