Portrait of an artist, Essen Werden, European Artist Symposium by Karola Teschler

acrylic, paper; 20x30 cm; Chen Li, 2014

Portraits is a small collateral project created by during the 2014 Essen International Symposium by European Artists. It is a series of 200 portraits of artists but not of the face, but of a more intimate part. Only in a very open minded community as in the symposium we can make this kind of experimentation: friendship and confidence are necessary elements.

Portrait of an artist 2011, Essen Werden, European Artist Symposium by Karola Teschler

digital photo, video; Chen Li, 2011

Ritratti was the first collateral project created by Chen Li during the Essen International Symposium 2011 - European Artists. It is a serie of portraits of feet on the grass of the residence in Essen Werden. Guest artists of the residence were asked to partecipate to this project connected to human trust. Trust is a feeling connected to culture, not only to the person. The feet are the most neglected part of our body, yet they have so much to tell about people. They often talk more clearly than our mouth or eyes.

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