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Chen Li started as a calligrapher in 1994 for more than 20 years until 2015. Calligraphy for Chen Li is learning formal scripts and history of writing from all over the world. She is interested especially in Western formal scripts and Chinese writing. Her main interest becomes sign, as a microcosm, the starting point for any artistic work. The sign itself becomes the trademark of Chen Li and a recurrent element of her works. After about 10 years as a calligrapher and as a graphic designer, Chen Li reached her personal style: western calligraphy using the approach of oriental calligraphy: formal beauty that becomes one with the meaning, with particular regard to a contemporary vision. The "Happiness" series was born. The sign plays with all the traditional and technological media, to tell the current era without any critical intent. Through travels in various parts of the world and working with artists and personalities from fashion, industry, advertising, Chen Li found new expressive ways lost in folds of "mainstream" territories.

THE ARTISTIC RESEARCH BY CHEN LI: MUSEUMS, FOUNDATIONS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE VENUE, LIBRARIES, 博物馆展览 Chen Li's art projects are always site-specific: designed for a museum or a contemporary art place, a hospital, a previous church. 

Triennale Bovisa museum, Milano, 2009
Archivio storico Olivetti, Ivrea, 2008
Mausoleo de la Bela Rosin
, Turin, Italy 2015
Ospedale Sant'Anna, Turin, Italy 2018
San Pietro in Vincoli, Turin, Italy 2018 - Festival delle migrazioni
Zooart, Cuneo 2011
Cortile del Maglio, "The art box", 2008-2009

Singolare Plurale, Palazzo Falletti di Barolo, "Chiaroscuro", Torino 2010 

Fast running rivers

For 3 month from February to May I tried new ways of doing art. How could I continue doing art when people around me died? But after a little while the artist's community and culture operators started a beautiful wave of generosity and never seen before events and ideas flew in the net. More than before we realized that we were not alone, because we had our art to deal with and that art itself (our life) healed us. I realized that the best part of quarantine was TIME. Time I didn't have before. Finally I had time for myself, for my family, for taking care of what is really important in my life. I learned again to look at, to listen, to breathe. Time for living slowly and live for real.
Everything else is in the news.
This very short video is my first work in this new mood. 

Enjoy and don't be afraid of starting again: 千里之行,始于足下
(a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step).

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