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PARI, Polo delle Arti Relazionali e Irregolari di Palazzo Barolo


a project by Città di Torino, Opera Barolo, curated by Artenne & Forme in bilico


PARI always pays great attention to the problems of the present, welcomes their requests and offers itself as a space for communication, elaboration for an awareness of social and cultural phenomena and behaviors.

The four exhibitions scheduled for spring 2021 investigate the lives and survival strategies of professional and outsiders artists in creatively tackling pandemic trauma and lockdown.

Self-expression and creativity are among the responses to individual and social wounds caused by Covid: an emergency that has made people, organizations and systems experience unprecedented fragility, widening inequalities. Art and culture are among the central resources for relieving wounds, activating resilience and redesigning life plans within a society that will have to deal with a post-traumatic stress syndrome.


40IN40ENA curated by Sarah Bowyer, Jins, critical review by Roberto Mastroianni

Projection of animated short film "40IN40ENA" -direction by Sarah Bowyer, Jins, Max Judica Cordiglia-. The concept of isolation and pandemic addressed with an animated choral video made between March and May 2020 and made public a year later. In the exhibition about forty works on the same concept created by the same artists participating in the short film.


interpreting the present drawing the future.




Love for art and culture can tell advanced life choices that can transform the present and influence future generations. This is the vision gave to us by Giulia Colbert di Maulévrier, founder of the Opera Barolo and wife of Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo.

The Marquises, both art lovers and collectors, dedicated themselves to painting and poetry and were very active in contrasting poverty and ignorance by making the personal patrimony and above all the idea available to the city, highly innovative for the nineteenth century, of the right for all to the beauty of art and culture as vital elements for a healthy society. A beauty that can become the ingredient that makes the difference in the quality of the work and life.

The Marquises also lived in an era of epidemic and worked to help the sick, the Marquis was infected with cholera and died from the aftermath of the infection. Left alone, Giulia dedicated herself with passion and perseverance to bringing financial support, education and art, where it was most needed.


Today, after more than 150 years, in the wake traced by Giulia, different worlds continue to meet at Palazzo Barolo to update the maps of the new itineraries of knowledge and hospitality. We always need beauty and culture, today more than then, to endure and interpret a present so difficult and conditioned by a pandemic that makes us all more fragile and insecure.

Art and culture are among the tools necessary to see and redesign a possible future together, because cultural participation - in particular artistic participation - is central to the development of emotional, cognitive and relational skills, especially when it is oriented to the active participation of the community.


The splendid seventeenth-century setting of Palazzo Barolo is therefore always open to enhance the most diverse cultural and artistic experiences, with particular attention to those produced in situations of hardship. In this case, a planetary unease that has made everyone more vulnerable and pervaded by uncertainties, but guided by a strong desire to overcome and transform the present. This is what the forty contemporary artists present in the 40in40ena exhibition, curated by Sarah Bowyer and Jins, show us with the power of their imagination.
Artists from different geographic backgrounds gathered around a choral story on the theme of isolation from pandemic - they give evidence to the traumatic event, but at the same time they suggest visuals and prospects survival strategies starting from one's own feelings. A feeling that, if shared, can help us imagine better scenarios.


Luciano Marocco

President of Opera Barolo


Via delle Orfane 7, Torino

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DETAILS: from giovedì  May 20 2021 until June 6 2021 
Wednesday | Thursday | Friday 3 p.m.-5.30 p.m.

Saturday | Sunday 3 p.m.-6.30 p.m.

A project by Città di Torino & Opera Barolo, curators: Artenne e Forme in bilico

Info: Entrance: Via delle Orfane 7 

Artists in 40in40ena:

Leandro Agostini, Carola Allemandi, Angelo Barile, Sarah Bowyer, Nella Caffaratti, Cristian Ciamporcero, Costanza Costamagna, Maria Crocco, Lele De Bonis, Enrico De Paris,  Gerardo Di Fonzo, Francesco Di Lernia, Carlo D'Oria,  Fannidada, Octavio Floreal, Carlo Galfione, Paola Gandini, Ferdi Giardini, Carlo Gloria, Jins, Chen Li, Michele Liuzzi, Cristina Mandelli, Marco Memeo, Nicolò Taglia, Pablo Mesa Capella, Flavia Nasrin, Mario Pandiani, Benedetta Piovesana, Rudi Punzo, Giuseppe Restano, Leardo Sciacoviello, Togaci, Veronique Torgue, Gosia Turzeniecka, Flavio Ullucci, Luj Vacchino, Ugo Venturini, Walter Visentin, Coral Woodbury, Francesca Zaetta.

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