I was selected for this special residency between writers, composers, poets in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and american culture. 

"This residency offers up to ten artists, each applying individually, a four week period to live and work at the Château de La Napoule. At its core is a belief in the value of the shared experience of personal, professional and artistic discovery that takes place within a supportive environment of peers. This program promotes opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue, artistic exchange and exploration of a shared interest in the greater good."

Château La Napoule, LNAF 2019 Residency

Mandelieu, France

DETAILS: ottobre-novembre 2019             

Residency director:
 Nelcy Mercier 

Info: https://www.lnaf.org/


Dominique Godrèche, writer, journalist, art critic, (France)
Cynthia Manick, American poet, Brooklyn (NY) Bianca Mikhan, American performer, poet and composer, writer from Denver (CO)
Sarah Abdel-Jelil, American dancer, performer, filmmaker, Minneapolis
Li Chen, Chinese visual artist, lives in Torino, Italy Hiroya Miura, Japanese composers, lives in Maine, USA
David Keane, Irish writer, lives in Dublin
Ryan Frank, American photographer and sculptor (NY) 
William Cochran, American visual artist, Maryland

video: Chen Li; music: Bensound enigmatic

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