During EXPO 2015, on 25 September at 6.00 pm, the group exhibition Terra Madre - Donna Madre will open in Milan at the Fabbrica del Vapore, in the Ex Locale Cisterne. Five artists will analyze and reflect on the role of women as a source of life, custodian and vehicle for the transmission of practices and knowledge related to nutrition, care and social inclusion. The exhibition, which is part of the Expo in Città initiatives and which will be open to the public until 11 October 2015, is in line with the guiding theme of EXPO Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and at the same time with the specificity of the mission of Sguardi Altrove, which for over twenty years has been exploring contemporary society through the gaze and artistic expressiveness of women.

Kika Bohr, an  Italian-Swiss artist, presents The distorted mothers, including African female figures and portraits on the ground and white Capodimonte small statues; the Chinese Chen Li with Food- 食 chooses a very common and recognizable symbol of Chinese cuisine - the jiaozi or the typical popular Chinese dumplings which embodies the history and culture of China; the Mexican Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez, who has lived in Varese for years and has always been fascinated by the theme of light, with the work 'Woman mother ... Light of the Earth' traces a path made of light and reflection on the figure of the woman and her fundamental social role. Two Italians close the artistic itinerary. Daughters are like mothers - women along the Silk Road is the title of Lisa Castagna's documentary and photographic journey, the result of a journey of about 4000 kilometers between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Created on the traces of the ancient Via Carovaniera, the Silk Road, the work focuses on the relationships between daughters and mothers and nature as Terra Madre, through many interviews with women (aged from 19 to 94 years old). With "I Colori della Terra Madre" (the colours of mother earth), Stefania Scattina presents a work made with the technique of weaving on a net of which a piece was created with the contribution of the prisoners of the San Vittore Jail in Milano.


Ex Locale Cisterne,
SEPTEMBER 25 - OCTOBER 11, 2015   
A cura di:
 Patrizia Rappazzo and Stefania Scattina Project for EXPO IN CITTA 2015

Artists :

Kika Bohr
Chen Li
Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez
Lisa Castagna
Stefania Scattina

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