This is the second part of the 2014 original project. The work of Chen Li presented here in San Pietro in Vincoli is a new reflection on the true meaning of these four characters: today all societies are oriented to primary needs. Together with this new tribute to Chinese culture, Journey to the west is an event that Chen Li made together with Alma Teatro and Zhisong, a cultural group in Torino involved in education of children of Chinese community in Torino. The role of Zhisong is very important for a dialogue between two cultures: the Italian one and the Chinese one. I am proud we could do it celebrating one of the most important traditional book of the Chinese cultural heritage: Journey to the west attributed to Wu Cheng'en (Ming Dinasty). It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. 



Festival delle migrazioni, 20 settembre 2018, San Pietro in Vincoli, Via San Pietro in Vincoli 12, 10152 Torino 
Info: Festival delle migrazioni

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