made in China                 

Solo exhibition at Triennale Bovisa, Milan, 2009 
© Chen Li 

Site specific works

DETAILS: PROJECTS FOR MUSEUM - 博物馆展览 Chen Li's art projects are a group of site-specific works designed for a museum or a contemporary art space.
Exhibition places: Archivio storico Olivetti, Ivrea, 2008; Triennale Bovisa museum, Milano, 2009 The body without the body: series of works where the body is represented by its absence. "Superb is the Night": nightgown installation with written words in rilief Women– installation of 20 sculpture in plaster, where “Planning” has a feminine point of view in form and values Self-portraits: self-portraits of Chen Li's face; our face communicates in the same way of calligraphic words: through the human body